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"The $2.2 Trillion Ent. Industry WAR for Your Living Room Begins Now!"
"In the Next 2 or 3 Yrs, Something's Got to Give. At Some Point, the Consumer is Going to Say Enough is Enough!"

"Internet-Connected Video Devices to Exceed Global Population in 2017"
More than 8 Billion Internet-Connected Video Streaming Devices Will be Installed Worldwide in 2017
Exceeding Population of the Planet, According to Research From Broadband Technology Service (NYSE:IHS)

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2014 USA Today: Streaming 24/7

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ID Thieves Find Niche in Online Social Media Net

LV Sands Casino Hacked, Attacked & Data Breached

2014 USA Today: Clandestine Websites Fuel 'Alarming' Increase in Child Porn & Predators. WASHINGTON -- Often, as Homemade Videos Begin Streaming 24/7 Across the Computer/Mobile Screens, Unwitting Children Appear Holding Homemade Placards Bearing the Pseudonyms of the Macabre films' Makers. More Than 100 Million Images & Videos of Suspected Child Abuse Have Been Referred to the Program Housed Within 'NCMEC' to Assist in Criminal Investigations & for the Purpose of Locating Child Victims.

"This Conspiracy Allegedly Stretched Across the Country & Around the World, Using Sophisticated Techniques to Hide the Orchestrated Abuse of Dozens of Child Victims''. NCMEC, Says That While the Identification & Arrest of the Image-Makers & Distributors is Important, It is Only the Beginning of an Even More Time-Consuming & Often Frustrating — Effort to Locate the Victims Featured in the Images & Streaming Videos.



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Hollywood Doomed “Internet TV” Future: George Lucas & Steven Spielberg: Note: As Originally Predicted & Finally Verified by LDC Cofounder & Partner in July of 2008 SM. Conclusively & Only After 5-Yrs!

Taking Steps: Fight Piracy & Streaming: Legislators & content owners are trying a variety of tactics to combat piracy, but so far, pirates are staying a step ahead. FYI: 3rd Cyber Security Framework Workshop

U.S. Motion Picture, sound recording, B2C software & Ent. video game industries lost $20+ Billion. Digital is much easier to pirate, situation constantly in flux & industries trying to adapt 24/7. 911Cyber.us

Facebook, Google & other tech corporations increased profiles as Streaming movies, music & TV become VIP to businesses. IP & LDC: *Streaming Media Mag: B2B Article & Cover



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Believing: Video Will Transform Business Intel @ Forbes $treaming is truly becoming a critical & increasingly growing communication medium for both B2C & B2B. By 2020, IDC estimates digital universe will increase 44-Fold to 35 Trillion Gigs. 911Cyber.us

Moguls Flying to Sun Valley With $53 Billion Deal Revival: More than 240 Media deals struck in 2013, data by Bloomberg, more than triple the $15 Billion last year. The action puts the industry 3rd after real estate & food, Fastest pace for media since 2008, when $57.2 Billion in M&A had been announced by midyear.


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